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                                                                Duties of Officers
A. The President is the responsible officer of the Club and shall appoint Committee Chairs and replacement officers should a vacancy occur, and prepare annual RCSC forms. The President prepares and presides at both Board & General Meetings.

B. The First Vice President is responsible for providing programs for the General Meetings and shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President.

C. The Second Vice President is responsible for scheduling of daily class sessions, providing the monthly class schedule to the news media, and presiding at meetings in the absence of the President and First Vice President.

D. Secretary is responsible for the recording and correspondence activities of the Club, takes minutes of the General and Board Meetings and posts & distributes the minutes.

E. Treasurer is responsible for keeping the financial records of the Club, collecting all monies, paying all bills, and recording all transactions. The Treasurer prepares an annual financial report at the end of each calendar year using appropriate RCSC form; and preparing the Federal Form E990-N due May 19th.

                                                             Duties of Committees
The Apple Core is responsible for the on-line and print version, the printing and mailing, and the printing of the annual Membership Roster.

Bulletin Board is responsible for all bulletin boards and the Club window, securing and presentation of materials and their neat regular presentation and removal.

Calling is responsible for obtaining callers and notifying members of the General and
Special Meetings.

History is responsible for the History Notebook and updating information each year.

Library is responsible for cataloging donated items, maintaining and inventory of all
books, removing old books, and providing information for checking out & returning books.

Maintenance is responsible for maintaining an inventory of Club property, the maintenance & upkeep of Club property, recommending the purchase of hardware & software, and purchase needed equipment as approved by the Board.

Membership/Attendance shall maintain the membership database, keep attendance records and published the annual membership roster in March and submit membership rosters and updates as required by RCSC.

Monitor shall provide training for Monitors to include signing in, greeting of guests, use of Membership applications, and answering questions about the Club.

Publicity is responsible for all publicity about the Club, including public relations articles to the newspaper and other media, monitor the RCSC club web page and submit timely changes and updates to RCSC.

Social is responsible for providing social opportunities for Club members, the annual End of Year Breakfast, and coffee & tea and treats at Club socials and General meetings.

Special is responsible for planning special or social events in which the Club may be asked to participate.

Webmaster shall maintain the Club web site keeping it up to date and reflective of current Club activities and interests.

Rules &Regulations is responsible for reviewing the Club’s R&Rs to assure that they are in compliance with RCSC policies. Prepare necessary updates for Membership approval.

Nominating is responsible for establishing a list of prospective willing officers for the the annual elections to be presented at the October Membership Meeting.

Auditing shall assure that the Club’s financial transactions are properly documented and reconciled prior to the filing of the annual Financial report with the RCSC. A summary report of the audit shall be presented to the President and Treasurer.

Prepared from Club’s R&Rs, March 17, 2015

​​​       Sun City, Az 85351             Located at Sundial Rec Center           623-933-5300