By Barbara Craft
1. Wear your membership badge.  Encourage all members to wear their membership badge.  It helps to know our members.  Also, it is a recreation center rule.  Monitors are required to wear a MONITOR badge.  The badges are in the basket.  Don’t forget to remove the badge before you leave.

2. Time of service is 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM or 12:30 to 2:30 PM.  The morning class starts at 9:00AM and the afternoon class at 1:00 PM.  The light switch for the room is to the immediate right of the door.  The switches for the fans are on the far wall (over the microwave).  The switch to turn on the lights over the bulletin board is on that far wall also.  The switches for the lights and fan over the computer area are down the second row on the wall.

3. When you arrive, turn on the sign-in computer.  The button is on the lower left side  of the computer.  Instructions are on the lower left corner for turning the computer on and off.  See that all attendees sign in.  If a GUEST, click on New Record, enter GUEST in number line, then last name, then press ENTER.  Guests are allowed to visit two or three times (non pre-registered classes) before joining the club.  The scanner is to be used to sign in with the membership badge or the recreation center card/fob.  Slide the “bar code” on the name badge through the red light.  If the red (line) light is not on, lift the handle of the scanner to reactivate.  The instructions for the scanner on on the right side of the stand.  When the class is over and you are ready to leave the room, be sure to turn off the sign-in computer following these instructions.  FIRST, use the pull down menu under FileMaker Pro to QUIT the program.  THEN, use the pull down menu under the Apple icon to SHUT DOWN the computer.  

4. NEW/RENEWAL DUES.  All sections of the form must be completed whether NEW or Renewal member.  Make sure the recreation center card number is complete.  The person taking the dues needs to see the card/fob to confirm that the number is correct.  Make sure the form is legible and complete, including the non-refundable space on the bottom.  If paying in cash, please note on the form and issue a receipt.  If paying by check, payee is Sunmacs.  Sign the form on the bottom right. Collect $$$ and form, put in an envelope available on the monitor table (next to sign-in computer), put in the treasurer’s box, located on the table under the windows.  Give new member a copy of the Apple Core newsletter, which contains a calendar of scheduled classes.  Remind them they will receive future copies of the Apple Core in the mail.  We mail copies from November issue through April issue.  We also have a website, Membership badges will be available in about two weeks. They are found in the green box labeled “name tags 2017”.  In the meantime, use the recreation center card to sign in.  

4a.  LANYARDS.  When a new member comes in, or a member has never had a lanyard, give out a lanyard at NO charge.  Also, give the plastic badge holder.  If a member wants an additional/replacement lanyard, the cost is $1.00.  Lanyards and plastic holders are in the basket on the monitor table.

5. Instructor will be responsible for turning off teaching computer and shutting down all equipment with the teaching computer.  Monitor will make sure all student computers are shut down properly.  Also, make sure the projector has been turned off.  Instruction for the projector are on the table.  Remote is in the box on the front of teaching computer.

6. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the monitor tables.  Items located on the two monitor tables include:

             Dues forms.

             Receipt books for cash.

             Extra copies of Apple Core newsletter.

             Badges waiting to be picked up.  Lanyards, plastic holders and clips are in the baskets.

             Empty treasurer’s envelopes.

             Extra copies of the class calendar are on the table and also outside the door.

             Sign up forms for classes requiring pre-registration.

             Incident Report forms and instructions are located on the wall above the tables.

Our OPEN hours are 8:30 to 10:30 AM and 12:30 to 2:30 PM Monday through Thursday.  Once a month, usually the first Friday, Colonel Dilmore will have his computer Maintenance session.  The morning class starts at 9:00AM and the afternoon class at 1:00PM.

If you are unable to monitor at your assigned time, please call and let me know so I can find a relief person.  This is important because we need a monitor present when the room is open.

Barbara Craft


NOTE:  No person can join the SunMacs Computer Club that does not have a CURRENT RCSC Card. There will be no exceptions to this rule going forward. In the past we allowed persons to be “grandfathered”. We must adhere to the Recreation Center rules. Monitors are the first line of defense against anyone wanting to sign up who doesn’t have a Rec Center Card.   We wish our Apple friends could join us, but the rules are the rules. You are welcome to come visit us. 
No Rec Card - No Membership - Sorry

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