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   SunMacs Computer Club

                                        APPLE MACINTOSH COMPUTER CLUB
 General Meeting Minutes

SunMacs February 09, 2019                  
Attendance = 63
Officers: President -  President -  Isaac Bonifas; 1st VP - Agnes Holub; 2nd VP - Pat Always; Treasurer - Judy Ann Wright and Secretary - Barb Swintek
9:00 AM  Isaac called the meeting to order.

Minutes:  No changes or corrections to the January minutes so they stand accepted as posted.
Treasurer’s report: Balance as of January 31, 2019 = $10,478.17
    Membership as of 01/31/19 = 235 (199 Renewals / 36 New)  
    Report accepted as posted but subject to audit.

Announcements: Isaac Bonifas: 
We had good attendance at the Discover Sun City 2019 event held Wednesday, Jan 16. Isaac thanked  Judy Ann Wright, Sharon Fredrick, Bruni Smith and anyone else who stopped by to help him with the set up / take down and answer questions at our display table.

A Nominating Committee is needed to have a slate of officers in place before our April meeting. This is necessary as there are no meetings from April to November which is when we elect officers for 2020. Bill Downey and Ralph Williams volunteered.

Instructors & Monitors are also needed. Please volunteer.

Our Mailing List will be purged at the end of February so anyone who has not paid their dues by then will be dropped from the roster. Dues paid in October, November & December of 2018 are good until December 31, 2019.

The computer used by the club treasurer is outdated. Cost to purchase a new MacBook Air is $1.200.00. Motion: Colonel Dilmore moved we purchase the MacBook Air. Karen McClean seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Pat Always: If you have not already done so, please fill out both sides and return the survey handed out. If you lost your copy, Pat will be happy to give you another. The survey is very helpful in knowing what equipment members are using when setting up classes of interest to them. For example: A new class for those visually challenged on adjusting the settings on your computer, iPhone, iPad to make the screen more readable is now being offered.

Barbara Craft:  A New Member Orientation / Monitor Training Class is scheduled for the afternoon of February 27. We are also in desperate need for Monitors as we have recently lost many due to death, illness or relocation.

9:20 AM Motion: Pat Always moved we end the meeting. Agnes Holub seconded.

Meeting adjourned.  

Program: Mary Funck gave a presentation on Genealogy: reasons for and how to research your family tree and information on DNA testing. Program ended at 10:00. 

Respectfully submitted

 Barb Swintek – Secretary