SunMacs Computer Club

                                                            Club History

       1985 is generally recognized as the beginning of SunMacs although the first "Official" meeting with the name was not until March 1986 in the home of Bill and Ruth Leslie. At that time a few people started meeting in individual homes. 

       The early pioneers were Kellie Burks, John Gump, Glen Johnson, Bill and Ruth Leslie, and Dale Miller. Four of these six were still members in 1999. 

        The Macs they had purchased cost about $3,000. A printer, an Apple Imagewriter I, was a 9-pin dot matrix and cost about $400. 

        Apple introduced the 3.5" diskette at the time of the first Mac. They were 400k and cost about $5.00 each. The unit was one-piece, there was no color, and the screen was nine inches square. There memory was 128k and the speed was about 4 MHz.

        Gradually others joined, but many of the members used Radio Shack computers. In May 1987 the Recreation Board assigned the Team Meeting Room at the Bell Recreation Center Bowling Alley for regular monthly meetings. In November 1988 a room was provided at Marionette Recreation Center.

        By 1989 the Sun City Computer Club had been organized and SunMacs was one of five groups under this umbrella. It is primarily a PC organization. In 1994 a room was assigned at the Fairway Recreation Center for use full-time by the computer clubs under the umbrella. In May of that year the name was changed to the Computer Club of Sun City. SunMacs had its own meetings several times per week. At this time the SunMacs had 94 members. A second room was assigned in 1995.

        The big change came in the summer of 1996 when a room was assigned at Sundial Recreation Center for the exclusive use of SunMacs, and SunMacs became an independent club.

        The SunMacs now (2000) has a membership of more than 400. We hold about ten sessions or classes per week in our room at Sundial. We have several very late model (a G-4 and 5 iMacs) computers plus about a dozen other models that are used by members and for classes. We have an excellent projection system for presentations. Additional equipment includes the latest scanner, a laser printer and excellent color printers that are networked, and a FAX machine. We also maintain several connections to the Internet with an active home page. 

(Taken from a Larger Work by Lois Egoroff)

​​​       Sun City, Az 85351             Located at Sundial Rec Center           623-933-5300