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Board Meeting Minutes

SunMacs November 2, 2017 Board Minutes

Officers: President - Isaac Bonifas; 1st VP - David Swanson; 2nd VP - Dale Wiseley; Treasurer - Diane Kilian and Secretary - Barb Swintek

Present: Isaac Bonifas, Dale Wiseley, Diane Kilian, John Kilian, Colonel Dilmore, Pat Dilmore, Barbara Craft, Bruni Smith, Mike Graham, Judy Edmond, Luanne Hanks, Sherry Zueger & Barb Swintek.

 1:00 PM Isaac Bonifas called meeting to order.
Minutes: There being no objections, April 6 minutes stand as posted.

Treasurer’s report:    Balance as of April 30 = $9654.00
2017 Membership: 370 (242 Renewals / 128 New)   
Balance as of October 31 = $8240.84 Reports accepted as posted but subject to audit.

Future Meeting Dates: Board Membership
December 7 December 9
January 4 January 13
Isaac Bonifas:  
A reminder that at the November 11th General Meeting the membership will be voting on 2018 Club Officers. They are President - Isaac Bonifas; 1st VP - ???; 2nd VP - Larry Dilts; Treasurer - Tom Cherveny and Secretary - Barb Swintek.
With the sudden departure of David Swanson, we are in need of a 1st VP and are hoping for a volunteer from the general membership. In the event no one steps up, Mike Graham has volunteered to fill the spot.

Discover Sun City 2018 will take place on January 17, 2018. Will discuss further in December.

The Club received a letter requesting donations to the Sun City Foundation but as in the past, we will refrain to donating to charities so as not to set up a president but will continue our yearly gift to the REC Centers.
Motion: Luanne Hanks moved that as in previous years, RCSC should get $100 and Sundial $50. Bruni Smith seconded and the motion passed.

Unfinished Business: None
New Business: Discussion on our relationship with MacMedia and the lack of service they are giving to our members.

Committee Reports:
Judy Edmond will be gone from Dec 16 to Jan 12.
Bruni Smith addressed the need for getting helpers to learn how to do the job in case of an emergency. Discussion followed.

Pat Dilmore: Tickets for the Holiday Breakfast are now available and will be sold at the November General Meeting, every Wednesday morning and also anytime Pat Dilmore is scheduled to be in the clubroom. This year the Club is subsidizing the price so cost to members is $5 each.

2:00 PM Meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,   Barb Swintek – Secretary