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                                                       Board Minutes

​                                                                   December 5, 2019 

Officers: President -  President -  Isaac Bonifas; 1st VP - Agnes Holub; 2nd VP - Pat Always; Treasurer - Judy Ann Wright and Secretary - Barb Swintek 

Present: Isaac Bonifas, Colonel Dilmore, Pat Dilmore, Agnes Holub, Judy Ann Wright, Sharon Fredrick, Judy Edmond, Pat Always, Rich Cornwell & Barb Swintek.
 1:00 PM Isaac Bonifas called meeting to order.

Minutes: There being no objections, the minutes from the October 31 meeting stand as posted.
Treasurer’s report:     Balance as of November 30, 2019 = $8,734.85
    2020 Membership as of November 30, 2019: 108 (85 Renewals / 23 New)   
    Report accepted as posted but subject to audit.

Last year we gave holiday gifts of $100 to RCSC and $100 to the Sundial crew. Should we repeat? Motion: Colonel Dilmore moved we repeat the gifts. Pat Always seconded and the motion passed.
            Future Meeting Dates:    Board            Membership
                            January 2        January 11
                            February 6        February 15

Announcements: Isaac Bonifas
Saturday, December 14 is the date for our Our Holiday Breakfast / General Meeting. Starts @ 8:30. To date, 81 tickets have been sold. Pat Dilmore will give the invocation, Luanne Hanks will conduct the swearing in of officers and Judy Edmond will present the Apple Award.

The Discover Sun City Event will be held on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 in the Sundial Rec. Center auditorium. Morning 8:45 - 11:00 / Afternoon 5:45 - 8:00.  We will need volunteers.

2020 General Meeting Schedule in West Hall / Sundial is as follows: January 11, February 15, March 14, April 18 and November 14. (FYI:  The RCSC moved the February and April dates one week because of a scheduling conflict.)

Received a memo from Myrna from RCSC that they are now requesting a monthly room usage report stating the number of members attending daily sessions beginning November 2019. Colonel Dilmore said this will not be a problem because all info is in the computer.

Board Reports:  
Agnes Holub / Programs: Agnes is having a hard time finding speakers. Several names were presented by board members and she will follow up.  

Pat Always / Classes: Roundtables on Numbers, Pages and Utube are scheduled. Pat is always on the lookout for more teachers and topics. Contact her with suggestions.

New Business and Committee Reports:
Judy Edmond / Apple Core: Deadline for January articles is December 15. Judy will not attend the January meeting so will need a substitute. 
Any changes / additions to the website should go to Gary Burks who keeps the website updated.
Any changes / additions to the database should go to Colonel Dilmore who is helping to keep the database current.
 1:47 PM Sharon Fredrick moved the meeting end. Agnes Holub seconded. The meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted: Barb Swintek - Secretary

​​​       Sun City, Az 85351             Located at Sundial Rec Center           623-933-5300