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   SunMacs Computer Club

                                         APPLE MACINTOSH COMPUTER CLUB 
                                        SunMacs February, 2019 Board Minutes

Officers: President -  President -  Isaac Bonifas; 1st VP - Agnes Holub; 2nd VP - Pat Always; Treasurer - Judy Ann Wright and Secretary - Barb Swintek 
Present: Isaac Bonifas, Colonel Dilmore, Pat Dilmore, Barbara Craft, Agnes Holub, Judy Ann Wright, Luanne Hanks, Bruni Smith, Sharon Fredrick, Pat Always, Judy Edmond & Barb Swintek.
1:00 PM Isaac Bonifas called
meeting to order.
Minutes: There being no objections, the December 7th minutes stand as posted.

Treasurer’s report:       Balance as of January
31st 2019 = $9920.31
2019 Membership: 235 (199 Renewals / 36 New)   
Reports accepted as posted but subject to audit.

Future Meeting Dates:    Board            Membership
                                        March 7               March 9
                                        April 4                 April 12
Board Reports:  
Isaac Bonifas: Form BP12-8 has been submitted to RCSC 

Judy Ann Wright Diane Kilian has completed the Book Audit.

Agnes Holub / Programs: February = Genealogy  March = Library.

Pat Always / Classes: The 64 surveys turned in have been very helpful.  Pat will pass out more at the general meeting.

New Business and Committee Reports: 
Isaac Bonifas: The Treasurer Computer is out of date. Recommendation: Purchase a new MacBook Air. Cost: $1199. Discussion followed. Decision: Club has a used machine that Colonel thinks will work. We will try that before investing in a new machine.

Isaac Bonifas: Possibility of offering a $5 discount in dues to those who chose to not receive a print copy of the Apple Core. Discussion followed. Decision: As long as membership stays above 200, we will continue to mail copies to all. Can address issue again sometime in the future.

Isaac Bonifas: We need to elect a Nominating Committee. Will ask for volunteers at the general meeting.

Judy Edmond / Newsletter: Articles for the Apple Core should be in by February 14th.

Bruni Smith / Calling: She and Sharon Fredrick have all under control.

Colonel Dilmore / Maintenance: 1- Slide show has been updated. 2- Three flat screen monitors will replace several of our oldest teaching computers. 3- The Posse is holding a recycling day this coming Saturday.Colonel will need help right after the general meeting with hauling and dropping off our unused cables and equipment. 

Barbara Craft / Monitors: Slots need to be filled. Monitors are needed. No monitor=no class

Pat Dilmore / Social: Pat has contacted and is waiting for a decision about again holding our Holiday Meeting at the Olive Branch Senior Center.

Luanne Hanks requested we ask for volunteers to serve as Members at Large.
Barbara Craft would like a list of knowledgable members as
a help for monitors.
Pat Always 
re-addressed changing the club’s name. After light discussion
the idea was tabled.
1:55 PM

Luanne Hanks moved we end the meeting. Both Pat Dilmore and Barbara Craft seconded and the meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted: Barb Swintek - Secretary