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   SunMacs Computer Club


Board Meeting Minutes

SunMacs March 1, 2018

Officers: President -  Isaac Bonifas; 1st VP -Vacant; 2nd VP - Larry Dilts; Treasurer - Tom Cherveny and Secretary - Barb Swintek 

Present: Isaac Bonifas, Larry Dilts, Tom Cherveny, Colonel Dilmore, Pat Dilmore, Barbara Craft, Bruni Smith, Sharon Fredrick, Luanne Hanks, Judy Edmond, John Kilian & Barb Swintek.

12:56 PM Isaac Bonifas called meeting to order.
Minutes: There being no objections, the February 1st minutes stand as posted.
Treasurer’s report:       

    January balance = $12,266.50

    February balance = $12,048.64

    2018 Membership: 339 (232 Renewals / 107 New)   

    Report accepted as posted but subject to audit.

    Future Meeting Dates:    Board                   Member

                                            April 5                  April 7
                                        November 1            November 3
Isaac Bonifas:  

Due to the death of his wife, Mike Graham has resigned his position as 1st VP and is moving to California. 
Larry Dilts will be taking over the April Board and General meetings while Isaac is on vacation.
The April program will either be a presentation by someone from MacMedia or an Ask the Experts session.
Mike Graham’s leaving has left the club in a tight spot. Mike was not only 1st VP but also taught classes and ran walk in help sessions so right now we are in immediate need for someone to fill his shoes for the rest of the year. We also need to have our slate of officers set up by the April meeting and we need more people to step up as teachers. 
Discussion followed on how to first find knowledgeable members then encourage them to volunteer. 
Roster will be purged this month. 
No dues collected while we’re on summer schedule May 1st to November 1.

Committee Reports: 

Judy Edmond: April Apple Core articles must be in by March 12th.

Colonel Dilmore: We now have a new teaching computer and two new air printers. 

Motion: Colonel moved we offer our old, usable equipment to members and if more than one would like something, we have a drawing to see who get it. Motion passed unanimously.

Bruni Smith: Bruni introduced Sharon Fredrick who is helping chair the Calling Committee.

John Kilian: A Publicity Chairperson replacement is needed.

Pat Dilmore: Still waiting for the signed Holiday Breakfast Contract.    

1:50 PM Luanne Hanks moved we adjourn. Bruni Smith seconded and the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,  

Barb Swintek – Secretary​