SunMacs Computer Club


Board Meeting Minutes

Date: April 6, 2017

Officers: President - Isaac Bonifas; 1st VP - David Swanson; 2nd VP - Dale Wiseley;
Treasurer - Diane Kilian and Secretary - Barb Swintek

Present: Isaac Bonifas, Dale Wiseley, David Swanson, Diane Kilian, John Kilian, Colonel Dilmore, Pat Dilmore, Barbara Craft, Bruni Smith, George (Bud) Sanford, Mike Graham, Linda Graham, Judy Edmond, Tom Rutlin & Barb Swintek.

 1:00 PM Isaac Bonifas called meeting to order.
Minutes: There being no objections, March 2 minutes stand as posted.

Treasurer’s report:    Balance as of March 31 = $10,514.12
2017 Membership: 363 (238 Renewals / 125 New)   Report accepted as posted but subject to audit.
Future Meeting Dates: Board Membership
November 2 November 11
Isaac Bonifas:
A reminder that the General Meeting for April 8 has been moved to April 15.
Even though 2nd VP - Larry Dilts; Treasurer - Tom Cherveny have stepped up to fill the vacancies for 2nd VP and Treasurer, we still need volunteers to keep the club going.
Our thanks to Colonel who purchased and installed a new Mac Mini as well as a 40ft HDMI Cable in the clubroom.

Bank Balance:
Discussion on whether to use some of our bank balance to purchase another Mac Mini. Decided to wait.
Motion: John Kilian moved we should use some of the money to subsidize (down to $5.00) the cost of our Holiday Breakfast Meeting at the Olive Branch Senior Center. Bruni Smith seconded and the motion passed.
Amended Motion: Colonel Dilmore moved that since we have no contract to date, we should  readdress this issue in the event the breakfast is held somewhere other than the Olive Branch making the cost much higher. Barbara Craft seconded and the amended motion passed.
Mike Graham suggested we use some of the money to upgrade the sign in computer which would make it easier for Gary Burks to work on the roster and some other reports. Barbara Craft agreed and discussion followed. No decision at this time.
Diane Kilian asked about purchasing a subscription to “Family Tree Magazine” for the ancestry club. Cost of the subscription is $27. Motion: John Kilian moved we purchase the subscription. Bruni Smith seconded and the motion passed.
Judy Edmond needs articles for the May Apple Core. Next issue in November.
Barbara Craft needs volunteers to monitor during the summer.

1:45 PM John Kilian moved meeting be adjourned; Bruni Smith seconded. Meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,   Barb Swintek – Secretary

       Sun City, Az 85351             Located at Sundial Rec Center           623-933-5300