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                                                       Board Minutes

SunMacs April 4, 2019 Board Minutes
Officers: President -  President -  Isaac Bonifas; 1st VP - Agnes Holub; 2nd VP - Pat Always; Treasurer - Judy Ann Wright and Secretary - Barb Swintek 
Present: Isaac Bonifas, Colonel Dilmore, Pat Dilmore, Agnes Holub, Bruni Smith, Judy Ann Wright, Luanne Hanks, Sharon Fredrick, Judy Edmond, Pat Always & Barb Swintek.
12:58 PM Isaac Bonifas called meeting to order.
Minutes: There being no objections, the minutes from the March 7th meeting stand as posted.
Treasurer’s report:       Balance as of March 31, 2019 = $9,559.80
    2019 Membership: 288 (223 Renewals / 65 New)   
    Report accepted as posted but subject to audit.

            Future Meeting Dates:    Board            Membership
                                    October 31        November 2
Announcements: Isaac Bonifas
Thank you to Pat Dilmore who helped review and update our club inventory. Inventory form was then submitted and approved by Myrna DeBruyne / RCSC.
The setup request for our membership meetings in the west hall at Sun Dial was resubmitted.
Isaac has formatted a log in / log out inventory record form which will keep track of inventory on a rotating basis and help with future inventory requests. Form is in a booklet with all needed paperwork required.
Should no one come forward to serve on the board, current members agreed to serve another year.
Board Reports:  
Agnes Holub / Programs: April = Isaac will give a presentation on the Apple Watch.  
Pat Always / Classes: Summer schedule is set. Pat also opened discussion on possible new subjects for classes starting in November. Discussed then tabled until after the summer break.
Judy Ann Wright / Treasurer: Form 990N for 2018 has been filed and accepted.
New Business and Committee Reports: 
Pat Dilmore / Social: Still only verbal consent but nothing in writing for the Holiday Meeting at the Olive Branch Senior Center.
Judy Edmond / Apple Core: Articles should be submitted by Monday, April 15th.
Colonel Dilmore / Maintenance: 2019 Rosters are printed and ready.
1:45 PM Colonel Dilmore moved the meeting end. Agnes Holub seconded. The meeting adjourned.
Respectfully submitted: Barb Swintek - Secretary


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