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I need your Help !!!   

Important President Notice

    I write this notice to inform our club members of a critical need for volunteers to fill open positions of our club officers for next year.

    First the god news, Agnes Holub has agreed to fill the 1st vice president position next year. Judy Wright has also stepped up and agreed to perform the Treasurer duties for next year. Judy is working with Luanne Hanks who has been filling in the treasurer position until the end of the year. My thanks goes to Agnes, Judy and Luanne for helping our club.

 This leaves the 2nd Vice President position still open for next year.

    The Second Vice President is responsible for scheduling of daily class sessions, providing the monthly class schedule to the news media, and presiding at meetings in the absence of the President and First Vice President.

    With Larry Dilts leaving and Mike Graham departure earlier this year the need for instructors has also become critical.
Without enough instructors, class schedules and club hours will have to be reduced.

    If you are willing to help fill these positions please contact me at: isaacsunmacs@gmail.com

    Our first general meeting is November 3rd and we need to have a full slate of officers to present to the membership at the time.

    It's your club, please volunteer.

Thank You,
Isaac Bonifas

Move & Relocate the Spotlight 
Search Window in Mac OS

The Spotlight search window can be moved 
around screen in modern versions of Mac OS X, 
which is great if you want to move the Spotlight 
window away from something that it’s obstructing, 
or perhaps because you’d rather it be in the corner 
of the display then in the middle of the Mac screen.

Moving the Spotlight Search window is simple, 
simply summon Spotlight as usual through the menu bar item or Command+Spacebar shortcut, then click and hold on the Spotlight window and drag it to your desired location.


Collected from several Apple type Websites

like MacWorld, 9to5Mac, Appleinsider, MacNewsWorld, Apple Holic, iFixit and etc.

If you find something interesting let me know and I will post here.

From Isaac's email dated 3/22/18
In the board meeting we decided the cutoff date is April 30th with no new due being accepted after May 1st.

   SunMacs Computer Club